Saturday, December 02, 2006

An Invitation to a Banquet

Today's lessons tarted in Luke 14. Specifically, today I read verses 15-24. In this parable, Jesus is telling about a man who decided to throw a great banquet in his home. He invited everyone he knew, and after he was finished preparing for it, he sent word for everyone to come. One by one, his friends began turning him down, making excuses. One man wanted to view a new field he had just bought, another just got married, and still another said that he needed to try out some new oxen. All excuses. In return, the man sent his servant out into the streets and invited the street people into his banquet- the cripples and the homeless. And when there was still more room in his home, he sent the servant out to the country roads, to fill his house with those who would appreciate his banquet and his efforts.

This is an interesting parable to reflect on. Because how many times do we let life get in the way of something. There are many times where we get invited somewhere, and we have an excuse not to go. I think most especially of church fellowship events right now. Quite often we have other plans when a get-together is going on, but I admit, there have been a few times where we've just chosen not to. Oh, we always have a reason, and they are valid reasons, but maybe we could make more of an effort sometimes. While it's still not a good idea for our kids to stay up really late on a school night to watch a movie, that doesn't mean we couldn't go for at least a little while until bedtime. Fellowship is so important, and so often we let life get in the way of that fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters.

I also read today Proverbs 9. This is an interesting chapter. We begin with the woman Wisdom, inviting everyone to her house to feast. In verses 5 and 6 she says, 5 “Come, eat my food, and drink the wine I have mixed. 6 Leave your simple ways behind, and begin to live; learn to use good judgment.” Then we meet Folly. See what she says in verse 16 and 17. 16 “Come in with me,” she urges the simple. To those who lack good judgment, she says,17 “Stolen water is refreshing; food eaten in secret tastes the best!” Which invitation would you accept? There are always distractions. There are always going to be excuses available. Let's think bigger than church fellowship. How about inviting someone to go to God's banquet with you? You see the same co-workers, neighbors, and friends all the time. But do you know where their hearts are? Do you know whether your neighbor is going to spend eternity with you or not? And why don't you know that? Because there are always excuses.

For the longest time I didn't want to even mention church or God briefly on my blog, Tummy Treasure. The idea I had in my head was that if I just befriended everyone I "met" eventually my true colors would come out, and maybe my reflection of being an overall good person would make an impression. That maybe just by being nice and friendly and accepting, that I was planting a seed. Obviously that wasn't quite right. Now I have this blog, which anyone can access through a quick link. And you know, if it isn't for them, they won't click on the link again. But maybe, just maybe, that link will link someone here who needs it. Maybe this blog will plant a seed or two. I can pray about that. And I can also stop making excuses as to why I can't do something. I have a banquet to get to, and there will always be excuses as to why I can't. And before I use one of those excuses, I need to make sure it's not Folly, presenting an alternative.

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