Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lord - Adonai

Sorry for the is mounding! Anyway, let's remember what Adonai, Lord, means. It means that God is Master of our lives. Even though He becomes our Master when we accept His gift of salvation and give our lives to Him, for me it is a daily choice as to my obedience to Him as Master. As Master, He will provide us with EVERYTHING necessary to complete the tast He commands. Just think about Abraham. He was 99 (or thereabouts) when he had Isaac. Ummm, I don't know of many 99 year-old men who are fertile! God provided Abraham's (and Sarah's) fertility. BUT, in order to receive the things necessary for completing the task, Abraham had to be obedient. Submission and TRUST is required.

When God told Moses (Exodus 4:10-14) to go to Pharoah and ask him to let the people go, even after God told Moses that He would give him the words he needed, Moses said Lord, send who you will but not me, I can't speak (basically!). God was angry at Moses. Why? Because He called Him Lord but didn't trust or submit to Him as Lord, as a Master.

This all also applied to Jesus! How exciting is it to think that when He returns EVERY knee is going to bow before Him and confess that He is Lord! (Philippians 2:10-11). WOW! In the Greek, Jesus is sometimes referred to as kurios (Greek meansing "supreme in authority, controller); however, He is more often despotes, which means "an absolute ruler." Let's look at what this means for us with Jesus as Lord.

Luke 14:25-27 - We must make HIM our priority and follow Him. This means that He is our priority over even our families! What? Yep, but He is a God of family, He created it and does not want it to suffer; so, following Him will doubtless benefit your family!

Matthew 10:34-40 - We must love Him most, take our cross (any struggles, loss, etc that comes from following Him), and follow! This requires losing our life (our own plans, etc) and following Him, trusting Him to guide us in paths that are righteous and beneficial. So hard to do!

John 13:13-16 - We are to follow Him example as a servant. We are not greater than He, so just as He is humble, we too should show humility.

Romans 10:8-10 - To be saved we must confess Jesus as Lord and believe that He died for us. Belief brings righteousness but confession of Jesus as Lord brings salvation!

Matthew 7:21-27 - Those who deny Jesus' lordship in their lives have missed salvation. Hear His words and act, obey, let Him be Lord in your life. Do the will of the Father. But if you hear His words and ignore them, your foundation will crumble and fall. Trust in Jesus for salvation and give Him your life as Lord. This is a daily thing, I know it is for me!

Remember, we are slaves of the one we obey...sin or righteousness. BUT (!!!!), we were once slaves of sin bound for death, yet now through God we are slaves of righteousness (which is really freedom!) - Romans 6:16-17.

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Erika said...

Thank you Claire! That IS something that EVERY knee will bow. Even those who don't accept him as their Lord will bow.

Placing ALL your trust in the Lord is hard! We live in a world where the individual is so important- YOU control your own destiny. It's almost like we have to be re-programmed to trust God.