Thursday, May 05, 2011

The National Day of Prayer

I have a busy, busy couple of days ahead of me as we have VIP's coming for a visit... So I'm taking a few days blogging break.  But when I looked at the calendar today, I realized that I couldn't just pass today up completely, as it is the National Day of Prayer.  I find it interesting that this year, it coincides with Cinco De Mayo.  May all those people who gather for their celebrations take time to pray for our country as well.

Rather than sort-of repeat myself, since we've talked about/prayed for this country twice this week, I'll just direct my readers to the Presidential Prayer Team website if you want to find something specific to pray about.  All day long they are also having a prayer wall/chat, so you can pray with a group of people if you so desire.

Please take the time to pray for the United States of America.  More than ever, our country needs our prayers, and where two or more are gathered, God hears. If the whole nation will take time to pray today, God will hear, and we will find ourselves facing a glorious future as children of God, in a blessed nation in blessed times.

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