Friday, July 10, 2009

There's Always Signs And Wonders

"For he is the living God
and he endures forever;
his kingdom will not be destroyed,
his dominion will never end. 27 He rescues and he saves;
he performs signs and wonders
in the heavens and on the earth." Daniel 6:26-27

Everything on earth is a sign and a wonder. When is the last time you looked at the starry sky at night? That right there is an amazing wonder. Look at the sun that lights up the day- sure, it may be a great ball of gas, but think about it, as you stand in the sun and feel those hot rays on your body. Think about how many millions of miles away that sun ray had to travel to come in contact with your skin. Yep, that's a wonder!

Our God IS a living God, and He certainly will endure forever. My heart gets a nice warm fuzzy when I think that His kingdom will not be destroyed ever- but it's an even bigger warm fuzzy when I read that he rescues and saves. Because that gives me hope- it gives me hope that so many of the unsaved people around us will eventually come to know Him as their Lord and Savior. And what better way than through signs and wonders?

I'll tell you what's a wonder to me. Tomatoes. Specifically, heirloom tomatoes. Because they were created so, so many years ago. And do you know, when God first made that Green Zebra tomato plant, he knew that specific tomato would bring me joy when I grew the plant myself? God knew that! God knew, when he first designed the first tomato, that someday there would be wonderful varieties and breeds that come about, and he knew how much pleasure I would get from tending heirloom tomato plants. That's just so incredibly cool to think about.

In everything, I give God the praise and the glory. As I tend my garden and see to the needs of my tomato plants, every time I see a new tomato form, I thank God for his wonders that are all around me. I thank God for the little wonders that are in my children, because every day they show me what wonders they really are.

"All the peoples of the earth
are regarded as nothing.
He does as he pleases
with the powers of heaven
and the peoples of the earth.
No one can hold back his hand
or say to him: "What have you done?" Daniel 4:35

God does as He pleases, but you know what? I know that He loves me, more than anything, and I know that when He does as He pleases, it is to bring delight and joy to His children. Would a father do any less for His children?

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