Saturday, December 16, 2006

Best Rest

I couldn't access this blog yesterday every time I tried. I couldn't even look at it, it was very odd. I'm very glad it's working this morning. It's good to be focused on this morning, and on what God has to share with me today, instead of fretting over a computer snafu.

Today's reading led me to Mark chapter 4, verses 30-41. This passage starts with the Parable of The Mustard Seed. Jesus was attempting to describe the Kingdom of Heaven to the people. In this instance, he says the Kingdom of Heaven is like a tiny mustard seed that gets planted, and then grows into a huge plant that can provide shelter to the birds and animals.

But the key verse today is verse 38, "Jesus was sleeping at the back of the boat with his head on a cushion." Jesus and his disciples were crossing a lake in a boat, and a fierce storm blew up. The disciples feared for their lives, but Jesus slept. Jesus slept. In the middle of a storm, Jesus put his faith in His Father and rested when he needed it. What an example for us! Especially this time of year when stress and pressure can get to the best of us. We can be under the most intense pressure but we always have a refuge in God's arms. The pressure may still be there, but God can give us the strength and the attitude to be content in our current situation. He can give us a rest from the mental and spiritual stresses, all we need to do is ask him, and he will wrap his arms around us and take the stress away. Not necessarily the stressors, but he will give us the grace to deal with the stressors.

Our faith can give us rest when we need it most. This is a good time to remember that.

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