Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Warfare Wednesday: Remember, And Stand Guard

"Remember the days of old,
      Consider the years of many generations.
      Ask your father, and he will show you;
      Your elders, and they will tell you:"  Deuteronomy 32:7

I spent some time in thought this morning about what to post for my Warfare Wednesday post.  I went and glanced at all the news sites to see if there was something pressing that needed some prayer, but nothing jumped out at me.

Instead my thoughts took a different direction when I thought about (of all things) football.  I am not a big football fan- I can simply think of a hundred other things I could get accomplished in the three hours it takes Andy to watch a football game.  But this Thursday (tomorrow) is the opening of the new football season, and the big NFL sponsored party is going on just a few miles from home.  The event is going to be huge- the city of Green Bay has a population just over 100,000 people, and they're expecting that to literally double on game day.  As I thought about this, I felt prompted to pray about it.  I felt prompted to pray for the safety of all those people- that any plans of the enemy to try and ruin this celebration would be thwarted.  I also felt that I needed to pray for wisdom for the people in authority over the event on Thursday- that they would make the right decisions and would remain watchful and on guard for wrongdoing.  Tomorrow could truly be a joyful and fun day for the people of Green Bay, and football fans all over the country.  I pray that joy is the order of the day.

Thinking of this massive football celebration led me to the big day of remembrance this coming Sunday.  Sunday is the ten year anniversary of the attacks on our country by terrorists.  I cannot think about that day without very clear pictures in my head- and I cannot think about that day without thinking about all the people who are still hurting because of some very bad men.   And yet, when I also think about that day, I think about the days that followed.  Yes, there was so much confusion and pain and questions, but there was also a resilience that came out in the American people.  For a time, all thoughts of partisanship and sides were tossed away, and everyone came together in unity to try and heal from this horrible disaster.  The terrorist attacks on September eleventh literally changed this country, and ten years later I am still praying that the change is for the good.

More than that though, this year I really feel the need to be on guard.  I feel like I need to spend serious time in prayer for my country- for my home.  I am praying that the angels will be on guard throughout this whole country, and that our borders will not be crossed by anyone wishing to do harm to this beautiful, God-loving nation.  I am praying that any thoughts of disaster will be thwarted, and I am praying that God will win this weekend as we celebrate our rise from the ashes . 

I am also praying for President Obama and his family, that they will be under extra protection this weekend, and that as they participate in various services of remembrance, that they will truly remember and will understand what God would have them do for this country.  And I pray that our Commander-In-Chief will bow his knee to the King of Kings and will thank God for the peace this country has been enjoying, and that He will seek Godly counsel for the answers for the many problems facing Washington today. 

May we all remember the days of the past- the struggles of so many, the victories, and the losses.  And may we thank God each and every time for how far He has brought us, and may we turn to Him for the solutions to all our problems.  Most importantly, may God Bless the U.S.A.

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