Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Warfare Wednesday: Earthquake!

"When it shall be thus in the midst of the land among the people,
It shall be like the shaking of an olive tree,
      Like the gleaning of grapes when the vintage is done.
       14 They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing;
      For the majesty of the LORD
      They shall cry aloud from the sea."  Isaiah 24:13-14

Wow! Yesterday afternoon I was sitting down at the computer for a little break in my day and checked the news channel to see if anything newsworthy was going on.  When I saw the bright red urgent banner across the top of the screen that said "Earthquake in DC" I have to admit- I wasn't really concerned, I was excited.  I was excited, because I knew in my spirit that this was totally a God thing.  That our government- and the entire eastern coast was being shaken.  And I thought- it's about time! 

The practical side of me spent some time with the various news channels to see if there was anything serious to be concerned about with this earthquake, but it didn't take long to see that there really wasn't.  I thought about that.  I thought about the fact that this earthquake, while centered in Virginia was felt all up and down the east coast (and into Canada!) and there were no reports of serious injury or death or of major buildings toppling over.   It was a God rumble- it was a wake up call, and a sign that God is watching our country and wants us to know that it's time to "shake it up".   Even more telling that this was a God rumble?  One of the few buildings to receive damage was our National Cathedral.  Three of the four spires on top of that beautiful building was broken.  The church in America is broken- and it's time for the new church to rise up from the dust and proclaim that America belongs to the Kingdom of God!

I am praying, though, that this was not a "before-shock", that there are not bigger earthquakes to come to that region of the country.   I am also praying this morning for the hurricane that is on its way.  The predictions are not good, and I am praying that God would show mercy to the people on the east coast of our country, and would send the right winds to calm the storm.  May it hit land as no more than a severe thunderstorm- as rain would be good for that parched area of the country.

I am also praying this morning for President Obama and his family.  They are currently supposed to be on vacation, and I suspect it's hardly a vacation.  With events going on around the world, and in our country, the President isn't getting very much time to just relax and enjoy his family.  I would pray that the time they do get to spend together is sweet and wonderful.  And I would pray that even though this seems to be a working vacation instead of true time off, that it would feel like true time off when the President returns to his office.

As I'm thinking about the earthquake yesterday, and the hurricane that's on its way, I can't help but think that as individual people in this country, we should be thinking a little more about being prepared for an emergency or disaster situation.  I read online yesterday that within minutes of the earthquake in areas, there were people who piled into their cars and headed for the grocery store to stock up on the basics.  They were simply prompted by a rumble in the ground to go get the basic necessities that should have already been on hand anyway. For myself and my family, I am praying that God would show us what we need to do to be prepared for an emergency in our neck of the woods.  We have this beautiful gift in God that we can rely on Him to supply all our needs, but at the same time, it would be nice to be able to be a blessing to those around us who may not have been so prepared. 

May God grant the people of this nation wisdom, and may eyes be opened to the rumblings yesterday, and may God get the glory for the fact that there really was no serious issues to emerge because of it.  May Hurricane Irene peter out as it rolls toward the coast- and the only explanation for it is that God caused it to dissipate.  God can do that, and God will get the glory for it when it happens.

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