Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Warfare Wednesday

"Commit your way to the LORD,
         Trust also in Him,
         And He shall bring
it to pass."  Psalm 37:5

Over the last few days here in our country, there has been a lot of talking- and not much action.  And all the talking is... well, not much.  No one even wants to listen to it anymore, because neither side is correct. This verse in Psalms?  This is what we need.  Instead of just one side coming up with an idea, we need BOTH sides to agree together to do what is right.  And to do what is right, they need to go back to some of the reasons this country was founded and remember that God is our nations sovereign.  God is the head of the United States of America, and we could be rid of these troubled times if the people would only remember that.

And so I pray this morning for President Obama.  I pray that He will see that everything he does is nothing without God.  I pray that He will turn to God in this hour of need for our nation's finances, and that He will hear from God in a very real way.   I also pray this morning for House Speaker John Boehner.  May he turn to God and seek Godly wisdom for the problems our country is facing.  If both of these men will seek God's will for this country, we will see things turn around.  God knows exactly what needs to be done here, He's just waiting for the right people to seek Him out for the answers.  May God become very, very real in Washington DC right now.

I also want to pray this morning for the people in the country of Norway.  I pray for the families who have been affected by this tragedy- may they find comfort in knowing that their loved ones are now celebrating with Jesus- and may God give that country peace.  May the people have no fear in going about their day to day lives. 

I also pray this morning for the people of South Korea who have been dealing with intense and abundant rain- may that rain not bring any further destruction to the people of that country.  Instead, may it be a sign to them that God wants to pour out his blessings upon that nation.  May the people turn to God with all their hearts and may He give them peace as they deal with the loss of their friends and neighbors due to landslides.

And finally this morning, I want to return to the country of Haiti for some prayer.  I pray for their new president, Michel Martelly, who has been struggling to learn how to BE president.  The people are growing restless as he finds his feet and learns how to govern, and he has been the target of recent protests.  I pray that he would also turn to God for the answers for his impoverished country.  I pray that he will be protected from those who would do him harm, and I pray that he will find a way to give aid to the people who need it most.  May God bless the people of Haiti, and may He give them encouragement when they need it most.

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