Tuesday, February 08, 2011

He WILL Direct Your Paths

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
      And lean not on your own understanding;
       6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
      And He shall direct your paths."  Proverbs 3:5-6

I have a little thing to share today.  And it is literally, a little thing in the grand scheme of life, but you know what?  I think that God teaches us through the little things so that when the big things come along, we'll be ready and waiting.  The other night I was thinking about how we came to be in this house, and I remembered that feeling that flooded my entire being as I walked out of this house that first time after seeing it.  As I was thinking that, I was also thinking about how we came to be at the church we were at.  It was actually the same kind of thing.  We went to a few Churches, waiting for that ah-ha moment and definitely didn't have it.  When we walked into the doors of this one, we had our moment.

God does that if we ask Him to.  He will direct our paths if we put Him first in everything, and yesterday He directed me on a little path while I was sitting here at the computer.  I was thinking some thoughts about our schooling, and suddenly I thought that I should look at a Science curriculum I'd been pining after for the kids.  We have a little extra money set aside, and I thought that something new for Science would be wonderful, and since we could afford this curriculum... Anyway, those thoughts led me to the website for that company.  I knew exactly what I wanted for both kids and loaded up my cart.  I filled out all my shipping information, and then the moment came to put in my credit card to pay for it.  And I paused.  I very clearly had a thought in my head that before I put this information in, I needed to go check out this other curriculum site.

Now, I have to say that this thought was very strange to me, because I have never looked at this curriculum before.  I'd heard of it, but I have never checked out their website or done any looking into what  they offered.  But that thought gave me pause, and I decided that I better go look before I put in this information.  I pulled up another window and went searching.  What I found was golden.  It was a curriculum style that I was after- Science from a Godly perspective, but without inundating us with scripture references, and without compromising the integrity of the science itself.  The best part was that other than basic household supplies, this curriculum also comes with all the needed items for experiments!  The other curriculum did not do that.  I loved what I saw- and I loved the price tag even better.  I went back to the other site and canceled what I was processing, and then ordered the new science. 

I'm incredibly excited about this!  One one level, I'm just excited because it really looks awesome on the website- this is a science program that we'll really be able to sink our teeth into.  But on a better level, I'm just so grateful to God, and so happy that He chose that moment to guide my path.  We probably would have done okay with the first program, but because I know that this direction came right from my Father in Heaven, I know that we're going to LOVE this new path for our Science studies.   As I think on it further, I also can smile because I know that spending a little bit on our science was not a waste of money either.  I often experience that- a little buyers remorse after a purchase.  But in this case, I just feel good about it, and that package of material cannot come fast enough!

I love, love, love it when God directs my paths.  I can always proceed down that path with complete confidence, and thank Him all along the way.  Even better?  I can tell others about it.  I can share how God directs my path in even the smallest things, and what God does for me, He can most definitely do for you.  

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