Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warfare Wednesday

"He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”  Revelation 21:5

He makes all things new. Thank God for that.  It seems to be a crazy week this week, both here in our country, and across the globe.  There are so many things just crying out for attention, and calling me to my knees to pray for them.  My heart just aches for that newness described in Revelation 21- I wish that God would make everything new and heal all the hurting hearts around the globe, as there are many.

I start this week's Warfare Wednesday by lifting President and Michelle Obama in prayer.  Later today they will have the difficult task of attending a memorial service for a tragic shooting in the state of Arizona.  May God surround this couple with His angels and keep them safe from all harm.  May their attendance at this event bring comfort to those who need it, and may this incident awaken those who would sow seeds of discord in this country.  A house divided will not stand, and it's time for our country to unite and fight no more.

My thoughts and prayers are then moving far south, to the country of Haiti.  It's been a year since that devastating earthquake rocked the country, and things have not changed all that much since then.  May God provide hope for these poor people, and may He become real to this small country.  May the leaders of Haiti publicly turn to God in their time of need, and may He answer, showing His glory and love to the precious people of Haiti.  God loves these people so much, and I pray that they would turn to Him and allow Him to heal their nation, and not look to the ways of men for the healing.

And then I'm heading over to the nation of Australia.  Severe flooding from heavy rains has paralyzed a major part of the country.  Many people are dead- many more are missing and presumed dead, and the flooding is showing no signs of easing up anytime soon.  Acres upon acres of fields of crops are covered with floodwaters, and tens of thousands of homes could be destroyed before the waters begin to recede.  I pray that God will show His love to the people of Australia.  May the breath of God blow upon Australia and carry away the waters in a supernatural demonstration of how much God loves the people in that country.  May He bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones and lost homes, and may He provide mightily for them as well.

And finally, this week, we'll come back full circle to the terrible shooting incident this week in Arizona.  There actually have been several shooting and stand-off situations around the country in the last few weeks, and I think it just shows how many people in this country are driven to the point of despair.  In the area I live in, there has been a remarkable rash of bank and money store robberies as of late, and I think people are just turning to whatever they can turn to in these moments.  As I posted in the verse above, I am praying mightily that God would make things new in our country.  I pray that He will bring a newness to the United States of America, and that this newness would bring hope to these people who have nothing else to turn to.  May they turn to God in these moments of despair, instead of the shallow things this world has to offer.   God has great plans for this country, and nothing would please Him more than to see His children turn to one another and offer an olive branch, and to reach out to one another with words of love instead of words of hate.  God can make all things new.  I pray that He does.

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