Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Warfare Wednesday

"Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."  Romans 13:1

Well, the mid-term election is officially wrapped up, and in many cases, new faces have been elected into positions of leadership.  Many of them won't even take office officially until January, but we must begin now to pray for them.  We must pray for these people who will be giving up the next time in their lives to serve the people they represent, and we need to pray that their hearts and minds will be open to what God would have them do.  We need to pray for a smooth transition period for everyone concerned, and I pray that there will be no bitterness on the end of the people leaving office.  May God bless them for the time that they have given, and show them what He would like them to do next.   And may He become very real to them in this time of uncertainty.

I pray that President Obama will be willing to work with all these new faces headed to Washington, and I pray that his heart and mind will be open to the new ideas coming his way.   May God continue to keep him and his family safe at all times, and may God bless his family with abundant joy.

I also want to pray this morning for the precious people of Haiti.  They just can't seem to catch a break, and I fall to my knees this morning and ask the Lord for mercy on their behalf.  As I write this, tropical storm Tomas is threatening in the sea.  The rain it is expected to bring to the nation of Haiti could cause widespread disaster as so many people are still living in camps and in makeshift shelters.  May the breath of God blow on Tomas and put his fire out.  May Tomas do nothing to the country of Haiti, and may the people there know that God found mercy for their little country and turn to Him for all their needs.

We also need to pray for mercy for the country of Indonesia.  Mount Merapi has erupted again, worse this time, and once again people are evacuating from the area surrounding the volcano.   In addition to the eruptions, earthquakes are rocking the country as well.  I honestly and truly cannot imagine living in such a situation, it just has to be so frightening for those who live near the volcano.  May God give them supernatural peace.  Their first thoughts have to be toward panic, and fleeing for safety.  May God send his angels to protect them and help move them out of harms way.   May He become very real to these people in Indonesia, and may their turn their hearts towards Him to save them- both in the natural and spiritually.  May these disasters be used to turn this country's hearts toward God and the truth of Jesus Christ.

God loves the people of Haiti and the people of Indonesia.  I pray this morning that great peace will sweep over both nations, and that many will come to know Jesus because of the great peace they find.

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