Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Warfare Wednesday

"For lack of guidance a nation falls,
       but many advisers make victory sure."  Proverbs 11:14

We're just a few short weeks away from election day here in the United States.  The advertising and stumping for candidates is off the charts this time around.  Every day half the newspaper is about how this candidate is accusing that candidate of spreading fallacies or is stretching the truth.  And it doesn't stop!  Nearly a month ago it was brought to light how one of the candidates may have stretched the truth a little bit.  And just yesterday there it was again- only in a full-blown headline.   It's just become the hour of desperation for some, I think.  And I have to believe that the more we pray for this election, the more we will see God work on the hearts of the men and women running for office.  I think the more we pray for those who we know reverence God, the better the outcome will be for them on election day.

That's our job you know.  I heard someone this past weekend say that it was time for us who are Christians to start running for office.  Well, I am not one to run for office, but I sure can pray for those who are running for office.  I can pray that they will hear God's voice, and listen to it.  And I can pray that these men and women will surround themselves with good counsel.  As I read this verse in Proverbs this morning, all I see is the blazing truth in it.  A leader needs good advisers- and many of them- surrounding them at all times.  Trusted advisers who seek God's Will for their leader and will guide them in the right direction.

I fear our President does not have such advisers at his disposal, and I pray for that this morning.  I pray that Godly men and women will come into positions to advise the President of the United States.  And I pray that President Obama will listen to them.  That he will see the truth in their words, and that he will know the love that God has for him personally, as well as for this country.

We're studying the Civil War right now in History.  It's been very mind-opening, as I've learned things that I don't remember learning before.  One of the things that's important for us to do is to look back and see how things went awry in the past, and not repeat bad mistakes.  Right now our country is in a bad state politically- the political parties are in a terrible way right now, and what's horrible to look back and see is that the state of the political parties in the 1860's is what exactly led to Civil War in this nation.  It was the division of the political parties that ultimately caused the south to secede, because they saw there was no respect for their candidates from the north, east or west.  So they seceded, put their own government in place, and the worst war in our nation's history began shortly thereafter.

I pray that God will work in His mighty way within the political parties.  I pray for His Will to be done above all, and that people within the parties will look to God for the answers.  I pray for an end to the divisiveness in this country, that people will find the Peace that passes all understanding, and that righteousness will be the answer.  May God be with our nation in the weeks ahead, and may His Mighty Spirit breathe on those who He would have in office and fill them with Godly wisdom and understanding.

May God Bless America.

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