Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Warfare Wednesday

"Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal."  Isaiah 26:4

In God We Trust.

This week I am praying for President Obama and his wife Michelle.  Specifically, I feel like today I want to pray for their marriage- that they are able to find time for each other with all the craziness that's required of the president.  I pray that they can maintain a healthy relationship for both their benefit- and for the benefit of their daughters.  I cannot imagine how tough it is to maintain a successful relationship, let alone a marriage, when one or the both of you is constantly flying around the country.  I pray for peace in their family, and that God will continue to protect both of them in every circumstance.  Most importantly though, I pray that together, they will desire to draw closer to God.

And I am praying, once again, for the many election campaigns working hard right now to get their candidates elected.  May the right people for the job get elected- the ones who believe those very words that are printed on all our money- In God We Trust.  When the people go to the ballots to cast their votes- may votes be cast for God above all- regardless of the party that person is in.  May Godly men and women be elected to take over Washington and the state governments.  And may there be peace in this country through the whole election process.

This morning I'd also like to spend time praying for the miners that are trapped in the country of Chile.  They have been trapped underground since mid-August.  Rescue efforts are going remarkably well, and the timeline for rescuing them from underground has been drastically bumped up.  I pray for peace underground, that those trapped men will continue to stay safe and sane.  I also pray for continued safety as the actual rescue drilling is underway.  May God keep any further collapse from happening, and may each and every one of those men underground return to their families safe and sound.  May they feel the presence of God with them as they continue to live their day-to-day in a bizarre fashion. 

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