Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Warfare Wednesday: Of Elections, Tsunamis, and Cholera

"No one from the east or the west
       or from the desert can exalt a man.

 7 But it is God who judges:
       He brings one down, he exalts another."  Psalm 75:6-7

This verse popped up in my inbox this morning with a really good reminder for me that God is ultimately the one who judges.   I've really been thinking a lot of that simple concept of judging people and realize that I really do it a lot- and most often, not intentionally.  I'll see someone in an outfit that I would never wear and think something to myself about it.  Right there.  Judgement of another.  I'll see a photo of someone doing something I consider distasteful or wrong, and right there, my opinion of them lessens, because I judge them.

It is God who judges.  There are a couple of verses in the Bible about how we are not to judge one another, but as election season is really upon us- with elections less than a week away- here we are being told to judge between candidates.   But how do we know we are choosing the right candidate?  I have to trust in God on this one.  I have to believe that as I read about the candidates and make my choice, that the Holy Spirit is helping me make that choice.  Because you know what?  These campaigns are full of lies and slander, and it gives me great peace to think on and know that really, God knows the truth.  God knows the hearts of these men and women who are running for office, and He knows which ones will do the job in a Godly way.  I trust in that.  I also trust that should the wrong person get elected, that God knows their heart, AND God can change their heart- just as He changed Pharoah's heart all those years ago.  My job is to go out there and vote, and also to pray.  To pray that no matter who gets elected, God wins.   And then after the election, my job is to continue to pray for the people elected into office.

And so I pray this morning for this next week to be uneventful and peaceful in terms of the election. May God's candidates win in all instances.

I also am praying this morning for the people of Indonesia.  On Monday a large earthquake rumbled through the country triggering a 10-foot tsunami that has left a wake of destruction all along Indonesia's many islands.  As if that weren't enough, one of the volcanoes in the region, Mt. Merapi erupted, spewing ash and killing several dozen people.   As of this morning nearly 300 people are confirmed dead, with 400-some still missing.

Oh, may God bless Indonesia.  And the people of Indonesia.  May He give them comfort that only He can give.  May the love of God sweep through the islands and give these people who have lost everything hope peace, and comfort.  I am praying that we will hear stories of miracles and survivors who were thought lost- and all the glory will be given to God for their well-being.   May Indonesia turn to God in this time of rebuilding and recovery.

I also want to continue to pray for the country of Haiti this morning.  It just seems that we really need to keep this little country lifted in constant prayer.  It's been almost ten months since that devastating earthquake rocked the country, and now they are facing a very real threat from cholera.  Cholera comes from a contaminated water supply, and with so many people still living in camps and makeshift tent cities around the country, clean water can be hard to come by.  I am praying this morning for relief.  I am praying for the doctors who are working endlessly to try and reach all the people who may be infected with cholera.  Cholera can kill very quickly- sometimes within hours- and the people who suddenly find themselves very ill with symptoms have to be facing panic and terror at the idea that they could die without medicine.  May the peace of God spread through that tiny country.  May the Great Healer Himself, Jesus Christ walk through those camps and bring healing and life to those who are suffering.  May we hear about thousands of sick people suddenly being well again- and all the glory going to God.  May God purify the water there and make it sage once again for the people to drink.  I can't imagine being a mom with kids who are so thirsty, and you have to make a choice between no water or contaminated water. 

God loves the people of Haiti, and the people of Indonesia.  May they know the love He has for them as a result of these disasters being upon them.  God can use all things for good, and I pray that He does so in both these instances.

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