Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Warfare Wednesday

"Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground."  Psalm 143:10

Today is the day that we set aside each week and pray for President Obama and our country.  I almost feel like a broken record saying that, but it is fact, and I am actually a little proud of myself because I do continue to pray... so many people pray at the beginning of a presidency, and they pray when there are issues, but they don't make it a regular thing.  And it needs to be.  Our president and our country need our prayers daily- once a week isn't even enough.  This week while we pray for the safety of President Obama and his family, I really feel the need to pray that he will also seek and listen to Godly wisdom right now.  He is working on tax cuts and stimulus packages, and more than anything, I just think he needs to seek God's will, and see what God wants for this country.  And I pray that he listens.  I pray that he listens to men and women of God who may bend his ear for a few moments. 

I also feel this morning a strong need to pray for marriage in our country.  I guess I haven't really considered this a Warfare Wednesday topic before, but here it is anyway.  The fact is, marriage in our country is just not at all where it should be.  So many marriages end in divorce these days, as people just decide that it's time for something new- like a new pair of shoes or a new dress.  Yet marriage is something that God delicately designed to be between a man and a woman, and to give us a glimpse of the intimacy God desires for us to have with Him.  And yet marriage is treated so casually here, and even more so, there are other ideas of marriage that are becoming more and more mainstream.  I just saw this morning that a new reality TV show is being filmed and produced depicting the life of a polygamist family... really, that's what inspired this little bit of prayer this morning, because the fact that this is going to be on TV is scary.  It presents polygamy in a loving a normal manner.  It seems to say that its okay to have more than one wife... and it's just not.  It's not God's way for us at all. 

And so I pray this morning that God would strengthen marriages.  I pray that He would show those who are contemplating divorce and separation the way to reconcile and learn to love each other all over again.  I pray that television and movie media production would give the American people good examples of marriage.  And I pray that God would provide healing for those who maybe have been in a bad marriage situation.  And for those who are in a bad situation, I pray for supernatural intervention.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will change the hearts of those who would do harm in one way or another.  Most importantly though, I pray that love triumphs all.  I pray that Godly love and God will be the center of all marriages, and that through these unions, God will do some great and wonderful things.

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