Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Warfare Wednesday

"This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it—the LORD is his name: 'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:2-3

This past weekend, after arriving home from our vacation, Andy and I took a rare opportunity of down-time to catch part of a movie that was airing on TV. We had only seen the movie Pearl Harbor once, and neither of us could really remember if we liked it or didn't like it. So we settled in and watched the dramatic presentation of one of the most infamous events in American history. Yes, the movie was just that, a movie, but... I was moved by it. The whole concept of war... it just boggled my mind. I truly don't understand how anyone can think it right to attack another country with the specific purpose of wreaking havoc and causing death. And even though this particular event was nearly 50 years ago, in my mind, it was feeling fresh. It made me think of the tragedy on September 11th as well, and that night, I really felt like I needed to spend time praying for our country.

And I still do. I've felt an intensity for the last several weeks to pray specifically for the United States of America. I've been praying for mercy and for favor- but more than anything else, I've felt a need to pray for her continued protection. I just feel like we need to really spend time on our knees praying for the protection of our country. And this verse above today is just so appropriate- "Call to me, and I will answer", if every Christian could just spend time interceding for our country, praying for protection and for a return to Godliness, we would make such a difference. God would hear us indeed, and He would smile upon us and He would cast His favor back on this country.

With an increase in prayer for our country, I've also felt an increased need to pray for those in office. Yes, I've been praying for President Obama and His family, but in addition to that, there's also been an increased awareness for me. You don't realize how often you encounter a photo or a glimpse of one of the buildings in Washington DC until those glimpses cause you to feel a call to prayer. One of the reality TV shows I watch is taking place in Washington DC this season, and every time they show us the capital building, I just have to take a minute to pray for the lawmakers inside that building. Prayer for our country is one of the greatest things that we can pray for- God wants to hear our prayers for our nation, our state, our communities. He wants to hear our petitions for protection for our leaders, He wants to hear our petitions for Godly wisdom for our elected officials. It pleases God to hear us pray for our leaders.

But in addition to praying for our own country this week, I also feel strongly that we need to pray for God's blessings upon the nation of Pakistan this week. Intense flooding in the rural parts of the country has already claimed the lives of over 1500 people. When there is flooding this intense, there is also great risk for disease, and clean water becomes a very precious thing indeed. Impending rainstorms are also threatening to add to the disaster. I pray for mercy for the people of Pakistan- they are beloved children of God, and I pray that He would intervene in a mighty way and cause the flooding to cease. Additionally in Pakistan this week, tensions are running high in the large city of Karachi. A party leader was assassinated yesterday, causing riots, a mob, and many killings.

"For this is what the LORD says: "I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream; you will nurse and be carried on her arm and dandled on her knees." Isaiah 66:12

May the flooding that is happening in some parts of Pakistan be a sign to the Pakistani people that peace is possible. Peace like a river can be abundant, if only the people of Pakistan will turn to God in their times of need. God loves the nation of Pakistan, and I pray that the people of the country will come to know that, and will come to know Him.

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