Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Warfare Wednesday: Room 219

"your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven." Matthew 6:10

This week, I want to pray for the very presence of God to dwell in Room 219. What is room 219? Room 219 is a room in the U.S. Capitol Building that has specifically been set aside as a prayer room. It as room where congressional representatives can go to pray and meditate and seek God's will at any time- often times just before a major decision needs to be made. There is also a weekly meeting that goes on there in room 219- a time for lawmakers to come together and pray and spend time lifting each other up and encouraging each other to seek God's Will in everything they do. Oh, if there was ever a time for our prayers to go to the capitol, the time is now. May God make Himself known to the men and women who frequent Room 219, and may the Spirit of God then spill out from Room 219 and pervade the other rooms in the Capitol. May it be like a wave that grows and grows and and spills over into their fellow lawmakers. Our country was founded on the very principles of "In God We Trust", and it is my prayer this morning that these men and women will see that our country still believes this. We still trust in God, and want the very presence of God to go with and guide our country's leaders.

And I pray that as our country returns to its roots, as we realize that God is the answer, I pray that we will be an example to the world around us. That as other countries see our faith in God on display for all to see, they too, will submit to God's Will and will add their light to the world around them. Without God, we are all nothing.

Around the world today, I am praying for a peaceful day in Washington DC. The top commander in the US military for the war in Afghanistan is meeting with the president and other officials. I imagine that he probably has one of THE toughest jobs in the world, and today's meetings are not expected to go well. May the President and his advisers find themselves full of grace today. Only God knows who the best man for the job is, and I pray that Godly Wisdom will find its way into all the conversations today. May their words be filled with grace, mercy, and understanding. And may they be an example to the American people, and the world beyond to show how peaceful conversations are possible.

I also want to pray for mercy in China this morning. Every spring, China experiences flooding of their major rivers and waterways, but this year they have been especially bad. The death toll is up to 211, and relief is not expected anytime soon. Sandbagging is going on constantly, and the people of China are fleeing as fast as they can. May God keep them safe during this time, and may He provide peace to these people as well. God can also cause the water to recede faster than normal, and I pray for that on behalf of the Chinese people. May the winds blow, and send the waters back from whence they came. Landslides are also a major concern, as they can wipe out small villages in one swoop. May God hold that land in place, and may He show mercy to these people. And through all this, may the Chinese people turn to God to rescue them- and may they see God's work in their land and praise Him and love Him with all their hearts.

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