Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Warfare Wednesday

"And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will." Romans 8:27

I have been remiss in my Warfare Wednesday posts. While every once in a while I put in a particular note to pray for our Vice President, most often, him and his family get left out altogether. It is true that the main focus, and the main thrust of my Warfare Wednesday posts are a reminder to specifically pray for our President, but as I checked the headlines this morning, I found that I have been checked- and I need to remember to add Vice President Joe Biden and his family to our weekly prayer time. After all, he is number two in our country. While he may have a quieter, less public job than President Obama, he is still an integral part of our national government, and we should be praying for him every week as well.

Specifically this week, I want to pray prayers of protection for the Biden family, for Joe and his wife Jill, and for their three children, Beau, Robert and Ashley. Beau specifically this week. He is attorney general for the state of Delaware, and suffered a mild stroke. He is expected to make a complete recovery, and I am going to pray that God will give him a supernatural recovery, and then will protect him from any further stroke issues. May God protect this family and keep them from harm- and may He bless them for Joe's willingness to serve his country. May God grant Joe Godly wisdom as he helps to make important decisions on Capital Hill. As vice president, he presides over the Senate. He also serves on many committees and has a very vocal voice on many of the issues facing our country today. May he listen to Godly words and understand just how much God loves him.

I am also praying this morning for the state of Oklahoma. This past Monday, deadly tornadoes made their way through parts of the state, wreaking havoc and destroying homes. So many people have lost their homes and have much cleaning up and rebuilding to do. In addition, weather forecasters are predicting another round of storms and potential tornadoes to come through yet this week. May God grant mercy to the state of Oklahoma (and nearby Kansas). May He spare these people another round of terror and disaster, and may He give them peace- abundant peace and joy, where they may have none.

An interesting side bit about Oklahoma. The name Oklahoma means "red people" in the Choctaw language. Many, many Native Americans have come to call the state of Oklahoma home, 67 official tribes call it home. Many of those people are there because they were forced from their homes many, many years ago. May God forgive us for the horrible things we did to these Native American people. And may the people forgive the United States for its actions as well. When forgiveness is finally found among the Native Americans, the blessings will abound, and much of the hurt this nation has experienced over the years will finally fade away. May God bless those tribes, and may He protect them from the coming storms as well.

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