Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Warfare Wednesday

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

I thought this verse was perfect this morning to accompany our weekly reminder to pray for President Obama. Normally, with Warfare Wednesday, there is always some other issue or need that comes to mind that I pray for as well, but this week, I just really feel that we need to focus on praying for our president and the new year ahead. The president addressed the nation a few days ago, and he was so... somber. I imagine that his first year in office has not gone at all like he had expected or planned. I just want to pray for peace for him, and continued protection for him and his family. Regardless of the politics involved, no matter who is the president, we should be praying for protection for them. I can't imagine being in a position where I know, with absolute certainty, that there are people out there plotting to kill me. Being the president comes with that risk, and it could very well be our prayers of protection that keep those plots from coming to fruition.

But maybe you're reading this and you live elsewhere in the world. Would you please consider praying for President Obama as well? God hears the voices of ALL his children- not just the ones living on American soil. And more than that, if you do live elsewhere and consider yourself a citizen of a different country than I, then take Warfare Wednesday and use that time to pray for your own president, and your own governmental leaders. The part I just wrote about being a target at all times holds true with most countries in the world today, sadly. And just think how much better this world would be if the leaders of our countries turned to God for wisdom and understanding! A global God revolution could start right here with us, as we pray from week to week for the leaders of our small world.

And what do you know, something else to pray about after all.

Dear God, this morning as I lift up the Obama family for your divine protection, I also want to pray for governmental leaders as a whole. May you give them peace this morning, and may you give them wisdom and Godly understanding. May the world know Your love and Your peace. Specifically, I pray for the leaders of the troubled parts of the world right now. I pray for Israel, and I pray for Iran, Iraq and Yemen. I pray for China, North Korea, and the Philippines. I pray for Afghanistan and Pakistan, and I pray for Honduras, Venezuela and Cuba. Protect the people in these troubled countries. Give them hearts for You, and may they rise up and pray for their own leaders and their countries, and may a global revival sweep through these nations and bring a peace that can only come from God. For Love has already come, and may it prove steadfast.

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