Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That's The Way It Is

"He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life." 1 John 5:12

Isn't it? This one sentence really sums it all up. If we know Jesus, if we've invited him to be apart of our lives, we have eternal life with him in heaven. We have a life here on earth that is blessed, that is meant to prepare us for that life of eternity. But if we don't know Jesus, if we haven't invited him into being a part of our lives... we are faced with an eternity of death. We don't have life. That's a scary thought!

When I think about death and dying, the more I get to know Jesus, the less I fear the process myself. I still fear death, as a mother of small children, I fear the idea of leaving them without a mother. I fear the idea of leaving my husband without his wife and helpmeet. But I don't fear the process anymore, the actual act of dying. Because I know what that will mean for me. It will mean that I will get to go to heaven. I will get to see that glorious place that has been so carefully prepared for me! But if I didn't have Jesus in my life, and if I didn't know that he is my Savior, I think I would still be terrified of dying.

Eternal life and living forever is so mind-boggling to me. The idea of infinity and forever is simply a concept that is difficult to grasp- it means there will be no end! It means that we will live as citizens of heaven until the end of time- of which there is none! That's just crazy to think about! Right now we live day to day... I wonder what "days" are like in heaven? Are there days? How are they measured? Are there nights? And do people in heaven sleep at night? Or is there no need for sleep? You know what's exciting for me to think of? What will me role be in heaven? What will I be doing to contribute to that society? I think of all the talents I possess here on earth- there are quite a few things I do well, I just don't do them all the time. Will one of those talents be needed in heaven? Or will I learn something new- or is there something I have yet to discover here on earth as a talent? It's kind of exciting to think along those lines!

Last weekend we all went for a drive through a few communities we'd never been in before. AS we drove through each one, we commented about how the town looked to us, and one of the things we discussed was how exciting it would be to start over. Imagine the thrill of moving to a whole new community where you know no-one and starting over with everything. Yes, it sounds scary- but at the same time, it's exciting! And while we're pretty certain that we're not going anywhere for some time, we can apply the same thoughts to the transition in life that we experience when we invite Jesus in. When we bring him into our hearts and lives, it's just like starting over! It's just like beginning a whole new adventure. There may be a few nervous moments along the way, but the reality is that each and every step along the way is brand new and exciting. When Jesus comes into our lives he fills it with meaning and purpose, and we can see the world around us through a whole new set of eyes!

I know I choose to have life. I choose to let Jesus be a part of my life- whatever that entails. I want to know what it's like to participate in something as exciting as forever! Won't you come along with me?

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