Friday, February 02, 2007

The Promise of Light

"Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path. " Psalm 119:105

Just a few days ago I was posting about discovering God's Will, and how to know for sure what God's Will was. Today's promise is tied to that question. For God promises that we will have a guide to discovering his Will for our lives, and that guide is His Word. As we see in Psalm 119- His Word will light the path for us. We have guidance at all times, we just need to open it up and see what it has to tell us. That is a mighty promise. We don't ever need to feel as if we're lost and without a direction, because we have direction. We have a map and a guidebook- and The Author is anxious for us to use it. The promise that we can discover his will within the pages of a book is quite incredible actually. What other book can promise that? There is nothing that compares, nothing else so complete. Yet so often it is our Bible's that gather the most dust. With the promise that the Bible will show us God's Direction, how can we not pick it up and read it more often?

Before I started this blog, I was terrible about reading my Bible. Simply terrible. Really, the only time I pulled it out was if we were discussing something and I wanted to reference a verse. The funny thing about the Bible though is that if you aren't using it regularly, the things you know and are familiar with become unfamiliar. Lately though, it's as if so many of the verses I've been reading are sticking. And that is because I am reading my Bible most every day now. It's amazing how the Bible as a whole is becoming familiar again, verses are coming back to memory, and it's wonderful that the tool that I'd all but forgotten and set aside is useful again. And if you are reading this, and don't have a Bible to call your own, you can do one of several things. You can click on the link to the right for Bible Gateway and do Bible reading online. You can get yourself to a book store to pick one up, or you can go to your local church and ask for one- most churches will happily give you a Bible. Or if all else fails- shoot me an e-mail through my profile with your name and address, and I will happily send one your way. The Bible is a powerful ally in our times of need, and with all of God's promises contained within, it's a must-read and must-have tool.


Claire said...

This was a verse in my devotion today, too! Wow! I am so grateful that God gave us a letter directly to us from Himself to be instructions to us! How blessed are we.

Erika said...

Now that is just fun Claire! We would be so lost without the instruction manual...