Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Seeking God

Let's all sing together now... "Zacchaeus was a wee little man..." Today's reading was Luke chapter 19:1-10, the story of Zaccheus. Zacchaeus was a tax collector who happened to be a short man. On this particular day, Jesus was walking into Jericho, and Zacchaeus could not see him. So Zacchaeus climbed a sycamore tree simply to get a glimpse of Jesus. When Jesus came by, he called up to Zacchaeus and said "Zacchaeus! Quick, come down! For I must be a guest in your home today." And when the crowds saw this, they were unhappy with Jesus because he was planning to spend the day in the home of one they thought a sinner. Immediately, Zacchaeus told the Lord that he would share his wealth with the poor and will re-pay anyone he had overcharged. Then Jesus compared Zacchaeus to Abraham and said "I the Son of Man, have come to seek and save those like him who are lost." (Vs 10.)

God is a bridge builder. When humanity's relationship with God was ruined so many years ago, God began to work on building a bridge that he could use to save us all. That bridge was his own son, Jesus Christ. God loved us so much, John 3:16 says "that he gave his only begotten son." Just for us, to save us from our sin. When we sin, we can feel ashamed or saddened, and sin can make us want to hide from God. Fortunately for us, our God is a seeking God. He sent us Jesus to "seek and save those...who are lost."

While Jesus was on Earth, he told several parables about "lost" items. There was a parable about a lost sheep, that when it was found, it's owner rejoiced. There was a parable of a woman who lost a coin, and she rejoiced when it was found. And one of the most familiar parables- that of the prodigal son, showed a lost son, who'd father rejoiced when he'd been found. In the same exact way, there is great joy in heaven every time the Heavenly Father finds a lost soul.

When I think on all the people who are wandering around aimlessly without even realizing that they are lost! How many people on earth are like the coin, or the sheep, and don't even realize that they are missing, and that God wants to find them, and save them. And God wants to save them! He wants each and every one of his sheep to come home. He wants to throw a party for each and every one. According to Luke 15:10, the angels rejoice every time one sinner comes to know Christ!

May God show me the lost coins in my life. How wonderful it would be to help find the lost and show them the way to go. Help them to find that bridge that God built, and cross safely into eternity. There is a party coming that everyone should attend!! We all are invited, and each and every one of us is the guest of honor.

This week I am going to try and do a series of devotionals that would help lead someone to Christ. Then once it is complete, I will add some links to the sidebar for easy reference.

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Claire said...

God wants us! :-) What a great idea...I pray that God blesses your obedience. Never know who will "stumble" upon this site!