Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hidden Resources

Today's reading is 2 Kings, chapter 4. Verses 1-7 specifically, but really the whole chapter is a wonderful passage to read. It is a great reminder of the Glory of God through man.

In verses 1-7, we meet a widow. She comes to the prophet Elisha, begging him for help. She has two sons, no income, and debt collectors threatening to take her sons into slavery to repay the debts she owes. Elisha asks her what she has in the house, and she replies “Nothing at all, except a flask of olive oil.” Elisha then gives her instructions to borrow as many jars as she can from her neighbors. He says she should pour olive oil out of her flask and into all of the jars. She did as she was told, and before long, she had jar upon jar full of olive oil. She was then able to sell the olive oil and repay her debts, plus have enough left to support her and her sons.

This passage is a wonderful reminder to me. It can be very encouraging in times of need and times of trouble. It makes me think that there are times when God lets us get to the end of our resources in order to show us how he can provide. And sometimes, that provision can come from an unexpected, or hidden resource. God often shows us the practical ways out of our dilemmas. I am reminded of our recent scare of Andy being laid off. I have no doubt now that God is providing for us by keeping Andy employed, but it was also, for us, a wake up call to better manage our finances. And for us, the hidden resource was our computer and a financial program that we never used. Had we not begun to keep track of every single penny, we would have never known that we could afford to purchase Andy a reliable vehicle.

God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Sometimes the answer to a problem can be right in front of us- can be our little flask of oil. Look around and see what you have in front of you. God can use that to help you through a rough patch. As you pour out your oil, God will surely keep you flowing.

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